Migraine (From: BMJ 2006;332:25-29.)- more common than tension-type headache

Goadsby PJ

[BMJ 2006;332:25-29 (January 7)]

Migraine is a common reason for why patients go to see their doctors, while biologically pure, tension-type headache is rarely a cause for medical consultation, according to the author of this article.


Clinical review:

Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of migraine


Would you have sent a patient with sudden onset of migraine-like headache to a CT or MR head scan? Read more about this in the thought-provoking editorial (and all the rapid responses) a year earlier in the same journal.

To scan or not to scan in headache


More reading:

Chronic Daily Headache, review in NEJM, January 2006



Presented by: Arne Westgaard, 25.01.2006; last edit 09.03.2006


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